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    IPCOM000258207D | 2019-Apr-18
  2. 122.
    IPCOM000258206D | 2019-Apr-18
  3. 123.
    IPCOM000258205D | 2019-Apr-18
  4. 124.
    IPCOM000258204D | 2019-Apr-17
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    Develop a Cement Safe Gauge Carrier assembly that maintains a full ID, and also prevents cement from entering and plugging off the pressure communication port. If cement flows into the communication port, pressure readings from the gauge can be blocked or significantly dampened Dissolvable Sleeve and Lock Ring to be...
    IPCOM000258203D | 2019-Apr-17
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    IPCOM000258202D | 2019-Apr-17
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    Problem: Dubbed audio on International content often sounds as if the speaker is directly in front of the microphone. This leads to the dubbed audio track sounding fake, hollow and unrealistic and not matching the action or scene on the screen and takes the viewer out of the immersion and enjoyment of a...
    IPCOM000258201D | 2019-Apr-17
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    Normally Tubing Hanger alignment is verified during running and lockdown of the Hanger. In any case of misalignment or post installation rotational movement of the Hanger it would not be possible to measure the position with enough accuracy to guarantee future operations and Tree installation. This invention...
    IPCOM000258200D | 2019-Apr-17
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    IPCOM000258199D | 2019-Apr-17
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    This document discloses an architecture for a double conversion UPS system, comprising a rectifier, an inverter, a dc-dc converter and corresponding filters. The circuit topology and selection of semiconductor devices for the different power stages are shown.
    IPCOM000258198D | 2019-Apr-17