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  1. 151.
    IPCOM000258177D | 2019-Apr-16
  2. 152.
    An engine arrangement (1) comprising an internal combustion engine (13), an engine belt drive (2) and at least one pulley (3a, 3b, 3c; 4a, 4b, 4c), and a fan (5; 6) attached to the at least one pulley; a vehicle (11), comprising the engine arrangement (1); a method for controlling the temperature in an engine...
    IPCOM000258176D | 2019-Apr-16
  3. 153.
    IPCOM000258175D | 2019-Apr-16
  4. 154.
    A heating assembly (1) for a vehicle (3). The vehicle (3) comprises an occupant compartment (9), an electric machine (31) configured to provide motive power to the vehicle (3), and a battery (33) arranged to supply electricity to the electric machine (31). The heating assembly (1) comprises a combustion heater (6)...
    IPCOM000258174D | 2019-Apr-16
  5. 155.
    The present disclosure proposes a prospective motion correction (PROMO) technique to predict and prevent motion based errors in Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) when response time to correction is less in systems like CUBE T1FLAIR.The PROMO segment is around 1 second in which PROMO acquisition and CUBE acquisition are...
    IPCOM000258173D | 2019-Apr-16
  6. 156.
    IPCOM000258172D | 2019-Apr-16
  7. 157.
    The proposed disclosure provides a method to assess the frequency and adherence to disassembly & reassembly instructions for cleaning & disinfection in neonatal incubator is achieved by using algorithm, machine learning and setting up a protocol to follow.The neonatal incubator is provided with capturing device to...
    IPCOM000258171D | 2019-Apr-16
  8. 158.
    IPCOM000258170D | 2019-Apr-16
  9. 159.
    IPCOM000258169D | 2019-Apr-16
  10. 160.
    IPCOM000258168D | 2019-Apr-16