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    A system for controlling the operating voltage of the SoC during Self-Test. Normally this Self-Test is implemented solely on the SoC and is referred to as Built In Self-test (BIST), however the test may also be carried out by a separate device. For the purposes of this publication, the self-test shall be referred to...
    IPCOM000258307D | 2019-Apr-29
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    IPCOM000258306D | 2019-Apr-29
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    The invention concerns a method and a tool for removing a polymeric layer of a cable partially such that full circumferential access to a metallic sheath of the cable is provided. This paper promotes a solution that allows for a removal of the polymeric layer on top of the metallic sheath on locations other than the...
    IPCOM000258305D | 2019-Apr-29
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    IPCOM000258304D | 2019-Apr-29
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    The present invention proposes a method for reusing reflected radio frequency (RF) power in transmit chain of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. The reusing of reflected radio frequency (RF) power is achieved by Radio frequency- Direct current (RF-DC) recycling circuit. The reflected power at isolation port is...
    IPCOM000258303D | 2019-Apr-29
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    A monitoring system for monitoring the handling of an inhaler comprises a flow measurement device for determining a flow signal that is indicative of a flow rate through the inhaler and a secondary measurement device for determining a secondary signal that isindicative of the handling of the inhaler. An event analyser...
    IPCOM000258302D | 2019-Apr-29
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    The disclosure is related to functional safety processing in System-on-Chip (SoC) device. A solution is suggested in which functional safety processing is performed in SoC device without safety certified processor cores using redundant asymmetric processing approach. The functional safety processing can be performed...
    IPCOM000258301D | 2019-Apr-29
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    The Internet of Things (IoT) concept refers to the usage of standard Internet protocols to allow for human-to-thing and thing-to-thing communication. The security needs for IoT systems are well recognized, and many standardization steps to provide security have been taken -- for example, the specification of the...
    IPCOM000258300D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01
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    IPCOM000258299D | 2019-Apr-26
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    IPCOM000258298D | 2019-Apr-26