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    This document describes open research challenges for network virtualization. Network virtualization is following a similar path as previously taken by cloud computing. Specifically, cloud computing popularized migration of computing functions (e.g., applications) and storage from local, dedicated, physical resources...
    IPCOM000258277D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01
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    This document defines the CDN-Loop request header field for HTTP. CDN-Loop addresses an operational need that occurs when an HTTP request is intentionally forwarded between Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), but is then accidentally or maliciously re-routed back into the original CDN causing a non-terminating loop. ...
    IPCOM000258276D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01
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    An alternative to the default Designated Forwarder (DF) selection algorithm in Ethernet VPNs (EVPNs) is defined. The DF is the Provider Edge (PE) router responsible for sending Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast (BUM) traffic to a multihomed Customer Edge (CE) device on a given VLAN on a particular Ethernet...
    IPCOM000258275D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Apr-01
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    Das vorliegende Dokument offenbart verschiedene Varianten für Kanüleninsertionsmechanismen für Infusionsets und Infusionskanülen von Infusionspumpen, insbesondere Insulinpumpen. Speziell sind diese Mechanismen geeignet für sogenannte Plasterpumpen, auch Patch-Pumpen genannt.
    IPCOM000258274D | 2019-Apr-25
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    IPCOM000258273D | 2019-Apr-24
  6. 56.
    IPCOM000258272D | 2019-Apr-24
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    A system and method for camera characterization using a conventional monitor display is disclosed. The system is configured to display a pattern on the monitor and instructs the user to position the camera to capture the images displayed on the monitor. The captured images are analyzed by a software application in the...
    IPCOM000258271D | 2019-Apr-24
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    Conductive cages or bag supports are often used in dust collectors used in explosive dust service. When these cages are used in bottom installed service, a ground wire(s) which is typically sewn to the filtering bag is often tied to the cage to provide a method for the wire to contact the cage. Upon installation the...
    IPCOM000258270D | 2019-Apr-24
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    Online service providers hire shoppers in physical stores to fulfill online customer orders. For example, shoppers are hired to pick items based on customer orders, pay for the items, and pack those items. This disclosure provides techniques to determine stretch goals that ensures speedy fulfillment of customer...
    IPCOM000258269D | 2019-Apr-24
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    IPCOM000258268D | 2019-Apr-24