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Month of April 2019 - Page Number 9

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  1. 81.
    The goal of this design is to make a floating plug system more robust and to accommodate vibrations in the grease system as a result of cone or other bit movement. This should translate to additional floating plug life and ultimately bit life. To that end, a series of plugs and/or alternate plug types may be used to...
    IPCOM000258247D | 2019-Apr-23
  2. 82.
    IPCOM000258246D | 2019-Apr-23
  3. 83.
    IPCOM000258245D | 2019-Apr-23
  4. 84.
    IPCOM000258244D | 2019-Apr-23
  5. 85.
    Ambient displays are particularly good at monitoring and displaying information in a peripheral and aesthetically pleasing way. A system of multiple ambient displays is disclosed where the user can view image or video or any content in two or more displays at a time, in synchronized fashion. Alternatively, multiple...
    IPCOM000258243D | 2019-Apr-23
  6. 86.
    IPCOM000258242D | 2019-Apr-23
  7. 87.
    IPCOM000258241D | 2019-Apr-22
  8. 88.
    IPCOM000258240D | 2019-Apr-22
  9. 89.
    IPCOM000258239D | 2019-Apr-22
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000258238D | 2019-Apr-20