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    IPCOM000258559D | 2019-May-23
  2. 92.
    La présente invention concerne un procédé de communication d'un capteur vilebrequin
    IPCOM000258558D | 2019-May-23
  3. 93.
    IPCOM000258557D | 2019-May-23
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000258556D | 2019-May-23
  5. 95.
    The specific combination of hard- and software-components described below defines - in its entirety - a system for creating and receiving locative-immersive 3D-audio experiences in indoor and outdoor environments.
    IPCOM000258555D | 2019-May-23
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000258554D | 2019-May-23
  7. 97.
    IPCOM000258553D | 2019-May-23
  8. 98.
    IPCOM000258552D | 2019-May-23
  9. 99.
    Despite growing adoption of TLS, a significant fraction of TCP traffic on the Internet remains unencrypted. The persistence of unencrypted traffic can be attributed to at least two factors. First, some legacy protocols lack a signaling mechanism (such as a STARTTLS command) by which to convey support for encryption,...
    IPCOM000258551D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  10. 100.
    This document specifies "tcpcrypt", a TCP encryption protocol designed for use in conjunction with the TCP Encryption Negotiation Option (TCP-ENO). Tcpcrypt coexists with middleboxes by tolerating resegmentation, NATs, and other manipulations of the TCP header. The protocol is self-contained and specifically...
    IPCOM000258550D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01