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  1. 91.
    The proposed disclosure is a method for providing pulse rate (PR) values with reliability improvement using electrocardiogram (ECG). The signal quality indicator of pulse rate (PR) values is updated based on heart rate (HR) data using electrocardiogram (ECG) beat classification. Then, the classification of...
    IPCOM000258452D | 2019-May-13
  2. 92.
    IPCOM000258451D | 2019-May-13
  3. 93.
    IPCOM000258450D | 2019-May-13
  4. 94.
    The SPECIAL-USE capability of the IMAP protocol (RFC 6154) allows clients to identify special-use mailboxes, e.g., where draft or sent messages should be put. This simplifies client configuration. In contrast, the Sieve mail filtering language (RFC 5228) currently has no such capability. This memo defines a Sieve...
    IPCOM000258449D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  5. 95.
    This document presents use cases for diverse industries that have in common a need for "deterministic flows". "Deterministic" in this context means that such flows provide guaranteed bandwidth, bounded latency, and other properties germane to the transport of time-sensitive data. These use cases differ notably in...
    IPCOM000258448D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  6. 96.
    The Sieve email filtering language provides a number of action commands, some of which can generate additional messages on behalf of the user. This document defines an extension to such commands to allow a copy of any generated message to be filed into a target mailbox. This document updates RFCs 5230 and 5435 by...
    IPCOM000258447D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  7. 97.
    This document describes an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) extension for notifying clients of operations on client-sponsored objects that were not initiated by the client through EPP. These operations may include contractual or policy requirements including, but not limited to, regular batch processes,...
    IPCOM000258446D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  8. 98.
    IPCOM000258445D | 2019-May-10
  9. 99.
    New high aspect ratio hybrid magnetic flakes and methods for making these flakes that are potentially useful for high frequency EM (electromagnetic) applications are described here. Comparative study of polymer composites, made using these hybrid flakes by a speed mixing process and a high energy ball milling method...
    IPCOM000258444D | 2019-May-10
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    IPCOM000258443D | 2019-May-10