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    IPCOM000258640D | 2019-May-31
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    POP ("Polyolefine plastomer") due to its low density (below 0.910 g/cm3) is highly valued and used in a variety of demanding packaging applications that other above 0.910 g/cm3 density PE grades cannot meet the requirements, including high-speed, form-fill-seal packaging. This resin offers excellent ultimate hot tack...
    IPCOM000258639D | 2019-May-31
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    The direct use of calcium carbonate in the PET polycondensation process presents several attractive aspects, in particular ensuring a good dispersion of a (ultra)fine filler in the polymer matrix and skipping further processing steps such as masterbatch production. Such a direct use requires the development of calcium...
    IPCOM000258638D | 2019-May-31
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    IPCOM000258637D | 2019-May-31
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    IPCOM000258636D | 2019-May-31
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    IPCOM000258635D | 2019-May-31
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    IPCOM000258634D | 2019-May-30
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    Disclosed is a laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET), or LDMOS, device with the Fin height reduced over the drift region to reduce the total gate capacitance.
    IPCOM000258633D | 2019-May-30
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    Disclosed is a novel method to reduce gate chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) from two steps to one step to improve gate height uniformity across different transistors. The solution includes a novel process scheme to enable a gate aligned above an active region of a field effect transistor (FET) (i.e., a...
    IPCOM000258632D | 2019-May-30
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    IPCOM000258631D | 2019-May-30