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    IPCOM000258528D | 2019-May-21
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    IPCOM000258527D | 2019-May-21
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    This memo defines a path prefix for "well-known locations", "/.well-known/", in selected Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) schemes. In doing so, it obsoletes RFC 5785 and updates the URI schemes defined in RFC 7230 to reserve that space. It also updates RFC 7595 to track URI schemes that support well-known URIs in...
    IPCOM000258526D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
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    Ultra-Thin Body and BOX (UTBB) Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FDSOI) technology allows SoG leakage current reduction by allowing strong Reverse Body Bias (RBB). In this technology, device |Vsb| can reach more than 1.3V. This way, RBB feature plays an important role on Low Power markets.
    IPCOM000258525D | 2019-May-20
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    More efficient shipping for products in dry-packed tape and reel packing methods. This invention will avoid shipping products in ineffective packing methods. This invention will in part of the cases avoid packing reel flanges to be bent.
    IPCOM000258524D | 2019-May-20
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    Disclosed is a method to use an oxide spacer to replace the low-k spacer in FinFET technology. With this method, the TS fill metal (cobalt) is different from the metal gate (Tungsten), and the Self-aligned contact (SAC) cap is made after the TS formation, instead of before.
    IPCOM000258523D | 2019-May-20
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    IPCOM000258522D | 2019-May-20
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    Problem Statement: Games shows Ads that don't reflect the events its mimicking. User misses the actual environment of the sports event in the game.
    IPCOM000258521D | 2019-May-20
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    Problem Statement: Learning a new language can be a daunting task, and current ways of learning a new language are too methodical. It should be intuitive and should have a more hands on approach. This idea proposes to assist in learning a new language while watching media content. Solution: Tagging subtitles with...
    IPCOM000258520D | 2019-May-20
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    IPCOM000258519D | 2019-May-20