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    Proposed is a transceiver for a serial communication system that cancels the transmission of a message in case a checksum or validation code is not available inside the Transceiver confirming the transmission content to match with an available checksum or validation code.
    IPCOM000258513D | 2019-May-17
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    This technique consists in reducing the cumulated radiated electromagnetic emissions of multiple LIN channels. This application is widely used in automotive. The implementation of an arbiter is proposed to avoid the simultaneous transmission of bits on the different LIN channels. A significant reduction of the...
    IPCOM000258512D | 2019-May-17
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    A differential ended low power sense amplifier flip-flop achieving symmetrical rise and fall clock-to-output propagation delay has been designed for use in high performance time to digital converter (TDC) applications. The circuit achieves a speed improvement of 1.8x times compared with the conventional sense...
    IPCOM000258511D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258510D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258509D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258508D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258507D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258506D | 2019-May-17
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    IPCOM000258505D | 2019-May-17
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    Classical hair styling formulations contain one or more synthetic setting polymers to achieve an appropriate styling performance. This performance is represented by bending stiffness and curl retention. Moreover, it is well known that different natural polymers can obtain high bending stiffness and curl retention...
    IPCOM000258503D | 2019-May-17