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  1. 81.
    Agriculture vehicles have low ground clearance footstep with flexible connection to main foot step mounting. It facilitates operator to get into the operator station. As this step is close to the ground, there is high possibility to encounter impact forces from debris, mud and stone during running. Also, step is...
    IPCOM000258569D | 2019-May-24
  2. 82.
    Agricultural machines such as tractors have rear mounted rockshafts that move an attached cranks to lift implements which are attached to a three-point hitch. The integrity of the rockshaft is essential when lifting heavy loads. In current rockshaft designs, there are two threaded holes for fixing a sensor ring on the...
    IPCOM000258568D | 2019-May-24
  3. 83.
    This document describes how a Push Notification Service (PNS) can be used to wake a suspended Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) User Agent (UA) with push notifications, and it also describes how the UA can send binding-refresh REGISTER requests and receive incoming SIP requests in an environment in which the UA may be...
    IPCOM000258567D | Original Publication Date: 2019-May-01
  4. 84.
    The proposed invention is a portable USB host device that would allow the user to stage or configure a printer without using a personal computer or other mobile device.
    IPCOM000258566D | 2019-May-23
  5. 85.
    This paper describes a testing adaptor concept for light-turning, expanded beam ferrules and connectors based on these ferrules. Using this type of adapter, the ferrules in certain connectors can be tested/referenced at ferrule level using integrating spheres or large area detectors, without the need to take the...
    IPCOM000258565D | 2019-May-23
  6. 86.
    If ambient light is transmitted through the CMF and illuminates anything behind it, this unwanted background image may be also be transmitted through the CMF and be superimposed on the output HUD image. One simple solution is to put a broadband absorbing black coating, dye or film somewhere in or on the substrate...
    IPCOM000258564D | 2019-May-23
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    IPCOM000258563D | 2019-May-23
  8. 88.
    IPCOM000258562D | 2019-May-23
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    IPCOM000258561D | 2019-May-23
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    IPCOM000258560D | 2019-May-23