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    IPCOM000258788D | 2019-Jun-13
  2. 92.
    IPCOM000258787D | 2019-Jun-13
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    IPCOM000258786D | 2019-Jun-13
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    The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for avoiding deadlock in a distributed photonic control architecture. Deadlock is where controllers are stuck in a stall condition in a photonic network. The conventional approach includes complex techniques and heuristics to detect and break a deadlock. The...
    IPCOM000258785D | 2019-Jun-13
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    IPCOM000258784D | 2019-Jun-13
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    IPCOM000258783D | 2019-Jun-13
  7. 97.
    The laser current rises with higher temperatures. The lifetime of lasers reduces significantly with higher laser currents. Thus high temperatures reduce the lifetime of lasers. Self-heating of the laser during operation in a particulate matter sensor increases the laser temperature compared to ambient temperature. In...
    IPCOM000258782D | 2019-Jun-13
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    The present invention relates to a pressurised cooling system for cooling a battery and/or power electronics of a vehicle. An air compressor is arranged to provide pressurised air to an expansion tank, which in turn is arranged to pressurise a cooling arrangement comprising a pump unit and a heat exchanger for cooling...
    IPCOM000258781D | 2019-Jun-13
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    The present invention relates to a cooling arrangement for removing heat from a vehicle compartment. By providing at least one additional fan, heat can be removed allowing proper operation of devices, systems and components being enclosed in the various vehicle compartments. The inventive arrangement is applicable to...
    IPCOM000258780D | 2019-Jun-13
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    This document proposes a notational convention to express Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) data structures (RFC 7049). Its main goal is to provide an easy and unambiguous way to express structures for protocol messages and data formats that use CBOR or JSON.
    IPCOM000258779D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Jun-01