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    IPCOM000258835D | 2019-Jun-19
  2. 12.
    The disclosure is related to design of a rotor for a reluctance machine, such as a synchronous reluctance motor. More specifically, a solution for a rotor sheet structure is disclosed. According to an embodiment, the number of bridges in the rotor sheet structure can be reduced by using the disclosed rotor sheet...
    IPCOM000258834D | 2019-Jun-19
  3. 13.
    The disclosure is related to troubleshooting of automation devices, such as electric drives, by combining low bandwidth permanent IoT (Internet of Things) connection and temporary high bandwidth Internet connections by the help of a mobile device. The disclosure presents a solution in which an automation device sends...
    IPCOM000258833D | 2019-Jun-19
  4. 14.
    This document updates the meaning of the Control Flags field in the "Layer2 Info Extended Community" used for BGP Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI) as defined in RFC 4761. This document updates RFC 4761.
    IPCOM000258832D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Jun-01
  5. 15.
    This document specifies properties and characteristics of a Lower- Effort Per-Hop Behavior (LE PHB). The primary objective of this LE PHB is to protect Best-Effort (BE) traffic (packets forwarded with the default PHB) from LE traffic in congestion situations, i.e., when resources become scarce, BE traffic has...
    IPCOM000258831D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Jun-01
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    IPCOM000258830D | 2019-Jun-18
  7. 17.
    IPCOM000258829D | 2019-Jun-18
  8. 18.
    IPCOM000258828D | 2019-Jun-18
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    IPCOM000258827D | 2019-Jun-18
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    IPCOM000258826D | 2019-Jun-18