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  1. 221.
    Disclosed is a method to enable independent tuning of short and long channel devices by applying different device implant profiles at well (eWF), extension, halo, source/drain, trench silicide implant, rapid thermal anneal (RTA) temperature, and work function metal. It provides the flexible knobs to independently...
    IPCOM000258753D | 2019-Jun-11
  2. 222.
    Disclosed is a method to create different gate critical dimensions (CDs) in steps of a few nm, or fractions thereof, at minimum pitch in self-aligned double or multiple patterning (SADP or SAMP) scheme with a single spacer thickness, a single mask, and in a single step sequence.
    IPCOM000258752D | 2019-Jun-11
  3. 223.
    IPCOM000258751D | 2019-Jun-11
  4. 224.
    IPCOM000258750D | 2019-Jun-11
  5. 225.
    IPCOM000258749D | 2019-Jun-11
  6. 226.
    IPCOM000258748D | 2019-Jun-11
  7. 227.
    IPCOM000258747D | 2019-Jun-11
  8. 228.
    IPCOM000258746D | 2019-Jun-11
  9. 229.
    The present idea belongs to the field of low voltage systems circuit breakers for electrical protection. Current electro-mechanical circuit breakers (EMCB) are available in a wide range of configurations depending on the applications and country-specific standards. One can identify two classes of devices: 1. Current...
    IPCOM000258745D | 2019-Jun-11
  10. 230.
    Runway incursions and conflicts are amongst the most critical problems in airport surface movement operations. Numerous factors lead to runway incursions among which communication issues between Air Traffic Controller and pilot is the most prominent concern. Though several technological developments have been put...
    IPCOM000258744D | 2019-Jun-11