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    IPCOM000258743D | 2019-Jun-10
  2. 232.
    IPCOM000258742D | 2019-Jun-10
  3. 233.
    The present disclosure relates to a heating arrangement for a vehicle. The heating arrangement comprises a heat exchanger downstream of a turbocharger and upstream of a charge air cooler. The heating arrangement further comprises a pipe configuration for conveying a coolant fluid to a passenger compartment and/or an...
    IPCOM000258741D | 2019-Jun-10
  4. 234.
    IPCOM000258740D | 2019-Jun-10
  5. 235.
    The present invention relates to a health monitoring arrangement for monitoring a cooling system of a vehicle. The present invention also relates to a computer program for monitoring health of a cooling system of a vehicle. By comparing determined eigenfrequencies of certain components/devices of the cooling system...
    IPCOM000258739D | 2019-Jun-10
  6. 236.
    The present disclosure relates to a fluid (media) routing arrangement of a vehicle. By arranging fluid passages within various structures of the vehicle, such as the body, chassis, beams etc, space can be saved for other arrangements, such as vehicle windows or other. The fluid may e.g. be a coolant, oil or air....
    IPCOM000258738D | 2019-Jun-10
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    IPCOM000258737D | 2019-Jun-10
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    IPCOM000258736D | 2019-Jun-10
  9. 239.
    IPCOM000258735D | 2019-Jun-09
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    IPCOM000258734D | 2019-Jun-08