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  1. 271.
    A photoacoustic gas sensor device is proposed for determining a value indicative of a presence or a con-centration of a component in a gas. The photoacoustic gas sensor device comprises a substrate, and a measurement cell body arranged on a first side of the substrate. The sub-strate and the measurement cell body...
    IPCOM000258699D | 2019-Jun-06
  2. 272.
    IPCOM000258698D | 2019-Jun-06
  3. 273.
    IPCOM000258697D | 2019-Jun-06
  4. 274.
    Integration of wireless charging systems in to electronic devices requires shielding methods for reducing eddy current losses and electro-magnetic interference while keeping low required space in integrated device. A low required volume method is introduced to secure high efficiency of shielding even at high...
    IPCOM000258696D | 2019-Jun-05
  5. 275.
    IPCOM000258695D | 2019-Jun-05
  6. 276.
    Exxpro™ specialty elastomers (BIMSM) are proven to be an improvement for tire inner liner application, as it offers lower air permeability than butyl and halobutyl rubbers. However, due to the unique polymer structure of BIMSM polymer, vulcanization chemistry with the most utilized vulcanization system for the...
    IPCOM000258694D | 2019-Jun-05
  7. 277.
    In pharmaceutical packaging applications, brominated poly(isobuylene-co-4-methylstyrene) (BIMSM) polymer has not only the properties of butyl rubbers such as air retention, but also additional benefits in cleanliness due to its unique polymer microstructure and composition. The polymerization and bromination...
    IPCOM000258693D | 2019-Jun-05
  8. 278.
    Mounting bobtail bolts over assemblies such as engine module frame to mainframe, is difficult for operator to reach for initial insertion of bobtail bolts through holes. A tool is designed to overcome the operator reachability challenges while assembling bobtail bolts. This tool helps in initial assembly of bobtail...
    IPCOM000258692D | 2019-Jun-05
  9. 279.
    Off-road vehicles operational efficiency is very important. In order to analyze the performance of vehicle, understanding the torque and power flows through the vehicle transmission system is necessary. Currently, the existing torque measurement process for off-road vehicle axle is complicated and costly. The proposed...
    IPCOM000258691D | 2019-Jun-05
  10. 280.
    Circlip/Retainer rings are widely used in Engine and Transmission assembly. An internal circlip/retaining ring is a fastener that holds components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing/bore when installed in a groove. Assembly of internal circlip is very time-consuming activity as it requires loading of one...
    IPCOM000258690D | 2019-Jun-05