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    IPCOM000258961D | 2019-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000258960D | 2019-Jun-28
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    Abstract A hybrid vehicle (10) comprising an electric system (1) including a battery (3), such as a 12 V or 24 V battery, a hybrid system comprising a hybrid battery (2), and a DC/DC converter (4) controllable to supply electric power from the hybrid system to the electric system (1) The hybrid vehicle (10) further...
    IPCOM000258959D | 2019-Jun-28
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    ABSTRACT The present technical solution relates to electric vehicles, and in particular to a system for reducing sound and vibrations that occur during propulsion of an electric vehicle. This is accomplished by two electrical machines providing power to the same shaft, where the rotor and/or stator of one of the...
    IPCOM000258958D | 2019-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000258957D | 2019-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000258956D | 2019-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000258955D | 2019-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000258954D | 2019-Jun-28
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    The disclosure is related to sensorless temperature compensation of motor model. The disclosed solution can be applied to electrically driven winch applications, such as marine winch applications. The disclosure presents a solution in which the motor model (e.g. stator resistance value) may be compensated without any...
    IPCOM000258953D | 2019-Jun-28
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    The disclosure is related to assisted connectivity setup between a drive and a smart sensor. More specifically, a solution for an assisted wireless connectivity, e.g. Bluetooth or WiFi, setup scheme between an electric drive and a smart sensor, such as a motor smart sensor, is disclosed. The disclosure presents a...
    IPCOM000258952D | 2019-Jun-28