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  1. 111.
    The present disclosure relates to solving fiber disparity issues between a transmitter and colorless multiplexer in a complete disaggregated environment. The present disclosure focuses on solving the power discrepancies between different Tx signals coming into a colorless multiplexer structure or to a pre-combiner...
    IPCOM000259221D | 2019-Jul-19
  2. 112.
    The present disclosure relates to Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) plug type detection. Various networking hardware devices support so-called pluggable modules, and there is a requirement to detect the presence or absence of such plugs, e.g., SFP, SFP+, Compact SFP (CSFP), etc. It is also necessary to identify a...
    IPCOM000259220D | 2019-Jul-19
  3. 113.
    IPCOM000259219D | 2019-Jul-19
  4. 114.
    IPCOM000259218D | 2019-Jul-19
  5. 115.
    IPCOM000259217D | 2019-Jul-19
  6. 116.
    High energy visible (HEV) light in the range of 380 - 500 nm has been considered harmful to the skin. In this work, titanium dioxide (TiO2) with a primary particle size in a range of 30 – 60 nm was found to be able to attenuate HEV light most effectively. Transparent iron oxide or fine earth tone effect pigment used...
    IPCOM000259216D | 2019-Jul-19
  7. 117.
    Modern operating systems and applications provide facilities to notify users that something has happened or requires their attention. For example, an instant messaging application may provide a pop-up notification informing the user of an incoming message. The notification may include part of the message. Other...
    IPCOM000259215D | 2019-Jul-19
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    IPCOM000259214D | 2019-Jul-19
  9. 119.
    IPCOM000259213D | 2019-Jul-19
  10. 120.
    IPCOM000259212D | 2019-Jul-19