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    IPCOM000259284D | 2019-Jul-24
  2. 52.
    IPCOM000259282D | 2019-Jul-24
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    IPCOM000259281D | 2019-Jul-24
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    IPCOM000259280D | 2019-Jul-24
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    IPCOM000259279D | 2019-Jul-24
  6. 56.
    IPCOM000259278D | 2019-Jul-24
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    This document defines an extension to the Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) that enables the reporting and control of multi-hop forwarding by DLEP-capable modems.
    IPCOM000259277D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Jul-01
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    Described herein is the rdoc library, a nested data structure for storing complex data. It is novel because it uses the same application programming interface (API) for filtering and traversing nodes locally in memory and for remote 'rdoc servers' containing zero or more root rdoc documents. For remote queries, the...
    IPCOM000259275D | 2019-Jul-23
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    This invention reveals different coextruded blown polyethylene film structures at 100 micron thickness exhibit very low haze. The haze value as low as 5% was achieved which so far the lowest possible haze for a 100 micron pure Polyethylene film as per our knowledge. The film samples also exhibit excellent clarity and...
    IPCOM000259274D | 2019-Jul-23
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    The present invention relates to the process of welding a junction made of a complex 3D shaped component, and a sheet metal component. More specifically, the present invention relates to the process of welding an airfoil strut manufactured using an AM process to a sheet metal component.
    IPCOM000259273D | 2019-Jul-23