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    The invention is related to ceramic transfer component for energy generation, in particular solar receiver component for central solar power plants. The key function of the ceramic receiver is to heat up trough-passing non-reactive gas (air/CO2) from approx. 800°C to 1.000°C or more at pressure of at least 10 bar. ...
    IPCOM000259656D | 2019-Aug-30
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    Due to their high package density, Memories are especially vulnerable to hard defects, Single Event Upsets and defects due to parametric variations. Functional Safety mandates to cope with any of such defects within a short time interval, thus requiring monitoring the memory during application mode. Error Correction...
    IPCOM000259655D | 2019-Aug-30
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    The solution described herein is a method to automatically optimize the darkness settings of a thermal printer for printing barcodes.
    IPCOM000259654D | 2019-Aug-30
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    This disclosure relates to a Zero-Point Clamping System (ZPS) as an attachment for an electric engine with a linear stroke as a drive.
    IPCOM000259653D | 2019-Aug-30
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    IPCOM000259652D | 2019-Aug-30
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    A certain maximum amount of data can be safely encrypted when encryption is performed under a single key. This amount is called the "key lifetime". This specification describes a variety of methods for increasing the lifetime of symmetric keys. It provides two types of re-keying mechanisms based on hash functions...
    IPCOM000259651D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Aug-01
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    An iterative annotation algorithm to annotate large amounts of video data with minimal user interaction. The algorithm able to detect and recognize known objects and object regions, segment and cluster unknown objects and object regions, iteratively learn the newly annotated objects and regions, and limited manual...
    IPCOM000259646D | 2019-Aug-29
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    Current containment vessels are used to mitigate damage from potentially hazardous items. They prevent damage from fragments from explosions and prevent the release of chemical or biological agents. The invention is to install a telepresence manipulation system inside a containment vessel to allow the collection of...
    IPCOM000259645D | 2019-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000259644D | 2019-Aug-29
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    IPCOM000259643D | 2019-Aug-29