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    Disclosed is a structure to produce efficient bi-directional protection for 3D/2.5D packaging. This solution addresses the problems of plasma-induced damage (PID) due to both front and back side processes and the risk of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) event when the top wafer/die is bonded to the bottom wafer/die.
    IPCOM000259804D | 2019-Sep-18
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    This paper describes patterned pad conditioners and methods to reduce the overall thickness of the conditioners. The approaches to conditioner thickness reduction include carrier thickness reduction and the inclusion of recess holes within the carrier designed to hold at least a portion of the associated abrasive...
    IPCOM000259803D | 2019-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000259802D | 2019-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000259801D | 2019-Sep-18
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    This invention involves the method of modifying an original input image to be projected from a point source that contours to any still, moving, changing 3D-surface, or other dynamic multiphysics system parameters in such a way that the original image appears on the 3D-surface without distortion. This modification is...
    IPCOM000259800D | 2019-Sep-18
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    A banknote accept-dispense module comprises first and second drums mounted for rotation about respective axes on, respectively, first and second shafts, a film which can be unwound from one of the drums onto the other of the drum, and vice versa, such that banknotes can be supported in succession by the support film...
    IPCOM000259799D | 2019-Sep-18
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    Eine kostengünstige Ableitung eines Spulen-Anker Systems für kleine Stromstärken I < 10A, eine sogenannte axial flux amplified radial coil, besteht aus Cu-Band mit Lackisolierung oder Folienisolierung,um ein Kurzschließen der Windungen zu verhindern. Die Wicklungen sind axial über den kompletten Luftspalt des...
    IPCOM000259798D | 2019-Sep-18
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    IPCOM000259797D | 2019-Sep-18
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    To reduce cost of safety rated torque measurement e.g. in robot joints, an alternative approach to typical strain gauge based torque sensors is proposed. Two position sensors, likely encoders, are used on each side of a shaft with known compliance, to determine torque. The position sensors produce a safety rated...
    IPCOM000259796D | 2019-Sep-18
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    The present paper addresses the mechanical risks of trapping, drawing in, shearing and crushing in the manipulator mechanism by proposing a mechanical design that eliminates these risks entirely. This is achieved by choosing a suitable combination of joint axis orientations that lie between 0° and 90° with respect to...
    IPCOM000259795D | 2019-Sep-18