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    IPCOM000259927D | 2019-Sep-30
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    Grooving operation involves making a cavity of required depth on a cylindrical, conical or some other mechanical part. This machining process is often carried out on assembly line of the manufacturers. Usually, Vehicle OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) carry out assembly operations of parts procured from...
    IPCOM000259923D | 2019-Sep-30
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    It is imperative to make every second count and make it's worth during assembly line operations. There have been numerous tools to measure the takt times to record the efficiency of machines and productivity of operators. Usually, stop watches, documentation on paper, excel, W planner etc. are used to measure the...
    IPCOM000259922D | 2019-Sep-30
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    Robotic welding is an automated process of welding in which a robot is programmed with certain set of instructions to perform welds at desired joints. It helps in increasing efficiency and operator safety. However, every time before a weld job for a new design, the welding robot needs to be programmed or trained by an...
    IPCOM000259921D | 2019-Sep-30
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    There is a growing need of dust caps which can be used to protect the connectors against paints during painting operations too. This disclosure aims at providing protective caps which can be used to mask the connectors from dust as well as paint. Such caps can prevent paint collection especially at connector latch...
    IPCOM000259920D | 2019-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000259919D | 2019-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000259918D | 2019-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000259917D | 2019-Sep-30
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    The present disclosure relates to self-activated low loss balancer circuit for lead acid batteries connected in series. The proposed balancer circuit consists of POT, shunt resistor, Zener diode, and MOSFET. The balancer circuit bypasses the charging current in case any battery reaches its upper voltage limit thereby...
    IPCOM000259916D | 2019-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000259915D | 2019-Sep-30