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    Reducing total taxiing time is one of the most important parameters considered for effectively managing airport operations. Conventionally different data sources such as Radar, ADS-B, Automatic terminal information service (ATIS) are used to derive operational models of airport and controller. This paper proposes a...
    IPCOM000259884D | 2019-Sep-27
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    The high pressure gas generated by the arc in a high-voltage circuit breaker is typically guided through a heating channel which is formed by the gap between two PTFE parts, into a heating volume. The arc is then extinguished by guiding the gas back through the heating channel and into the arcing zone. The two PTFE...
    IPCOM000259883D | 2019-Sep-27
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    IPCOM000259882D | 2019-Sep-26
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    3D or depth cameras provide more accurate object detection and localization compared to 2D cameras, tactile sensors or laser line scanners. Accurate calibration between the 3D camera and the robot is an important step. Some calibration methods use a common calibration object to which the robot and camera are...
    IPCOM000259881D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259880D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259879D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259878D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259877D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259876D | 2019-Sep-26
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    IPCOM000259875D | 2019-Sep-26