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    The present disclosure proposes point level segmentation of myocardium. The myocardium is segmented with branch level as well as point level of cardiac coronary artery structure. The Point level segmentation determines the exact myocardium region, which gets blood from a certain portion of the coronary artery in order...
    IPCOM000260195D | 2019-Oct-31
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    The present disclosure relates to MRI shielding system and more specifically provides unique arrangement of a shielding cabinet and flexible shielding tunnel for RF shielding with less penetration wall size. All RF filters are directly fixed on cabinet backplate within a shielding cabinet and flexible shielding tunnel...
    IPCOM000260194D | 2019-Oct-31
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    Runway or taxiway incursions during airport surface movement are caused by numerous factors. These include lack of situational awareness of the pilot, poor visibility conditions at the airport, pilot deviations, icing, etc. As air traffic increases, the potential for runway accidents also increases. Though there are...
    IPCOM000260193D | 2019-Oct-31
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    IPCOM000260192D | 2019-Oct-30
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    IPCOM000260191D | 2019-Oct-30
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    The invention relates to a method for determining erroneous function of at least one cylinder arrangement of a combustion engine comprising a set of at least two cylinder arrangements. The method comprises the steps of: deactivating (s420) fuel provision to the cylinder arrangements at least one cylinder arrangement...
    IPCOM000260190D | 2019-Oct-30
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    The present solution relates to arrangements for reducing pressure peaks in coolant systems.
    IPCOM000260189D | 2019-Oct-30
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    Disclosed is a lateral bipolar integration scheme to reduce cost and improve performance. The solution is to use a lateral SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) including a SiGe base upon a buried oxide (BOX) with a T-shaped Si extrinsic base (XB) vertically above it, and Si drift regions laterally spacing E/B...
    IPCOM000260188D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260187D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260186D | 2019-Oct-29