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    IPCOM000260185D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260184D | 2019-Oct-29
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    The present disclosure proposes a load-leveling of DC power source. The active rectifier and chopper are interconnected and both power converters are capable of regulating the DC bus voltage and many applications using the combination of power converters use circuits that switch control of the bus voltage between the...
    IPCOM000260183D | 2019-Oct-29
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    The present disclosure proposes a fan airspeed adjustment structure for patients in Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging environment or system. The airspeed at the output of the structure is adjustable by controlling the fan speed or operation at the input. Two axial fans are used to create atleast 4 airspeeds for patient...
    IPCOM000260182D | 2019-Oct-29
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    The present disclosure proposes a deep learning framework for amelioration of axial resolution of scanned images in computed tomography. The proposed data-driven deep learning framework explicitly takes the degradation model into account and appropriately regularizes the learning process to make it stable. The deep...
    IPCOM000260181D | 2019-Oct-29
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    The present disclosure proposes a new process for patient motion detection by integrating a sensor into the head coil for motion detection. The proposed disclosure calculates the rotation speed, orientation angle, acceleration value is acquired in real-time prospective correction. With this data, translation distance...
    IPCOM000260180D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260179D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260178D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260177D | 2019-Oct-29
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    IPCOM000260176D | 2019-Oct-28