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    Partial discharges monitoring is a very critical topic for high voltage equipment such as gas insulated switchgear, power lines, for example. The current solution is either inconvenient or complicated to handle (e.g. a simple directional detector, like a directional microphone or directional antenna) or producing nice...
    IPCOM000260142D | 2019-Oct-25
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    This idea relates to a thermal management system for electrochemical and electrical energy storage cells and/or modules, such as batteries or capacitors. The system is based on two-phase immersion cooling technology. The concept ensures an electrical protection of the system in case of sudden release of heat by a...
    IPCOM000260141D | 2019-Oct-25
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    This document provides the overall architecture for Deterministic Networking (DetNet), which provides a capability to carry specified unicast or multicast data flows for real-time applications with extremely low data loss rates and bounded latency within a network domain. Techniques used include 1) reserving...
    IPCOM000260140D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Oct-01
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    The BGP specification (RFC 4271) mandates a maximum BGP message size of 4,096 octets. As BGP is extended to support new Address Family Identifiers (AFIs), Subsequent AFIs (SAFIs), and other features, there is a need to extend the maximum message size beyond 4,096 octets. This document updates the BGP specification...
    IPCOM000260139D | Original Publication Date: 2019-Oct-01
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    Critical Transportation Systems (CTS) are becoming edge--enabled to connect mobile devices for safe and secure connected vehicle services. However, these edge-enabled CTS networks have weak cybersecurity implementations. To mitigate cybersecurity threats in the edge enabled CTS network, the paper proposes a novel idea...
    IPCOM000260138D | 2019-Oct-25
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    IPCOM000260135D | 2019-Oct-24
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    IPCOM000260134D | 2019-Oct-24
  8. 68.
    IPCOM000260133D | 2019-Oct-24
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    Antiozonant in tire sidewall formulation causes staining and odor issues. One way to remove antiozonant is to use fully saturated backbone polymers. Studies have shown that by adding brominated isobutylene-co-para-methylstyrene rubber (ExxproTM specialty elastomer) in sidewall formulation, crack and ozone resistance...
    IPCOM000260132D | 2019-Oct-24
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    IPCOM000260131D | 2019-Oct-24