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    Determining image depth using only a few rows from dual camera sensors to identify edge lengths and intersections for dimensioning significantly reduces required bandwidth for a mobile dimensioning system
    IPCOM000260876D | 2019-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000260875D | 2019-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000260874D | 2019-Dec-31
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    The present disclosure relates to a banknote acceptor for accepting currency or other valuable documents. The banknote acceptor includes housing, at least a processing unit for controlling operation of the banknote acceptor, at least a sensor unit to verify genuineness of inserted banknote, a banknote transport...
    IPCOM000260873D | 2019-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000260872D | 2019-Dec-30
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    IPCOM000260871D | 2019-Dec-30
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    The involves salt-exchange reaction of Esomeprazole DBU-salt with a sodium salt in a mixture of solvents like methyl ethyl ketone and toluene which provides Esomeprazole sodium having desired purity in good yield.
    IPCOM000260870D | 2019-Dec-30
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    This disclosure relates to a converter and an energy storage system for a rail vehicle, such as an electric traction vehicle comprising one or more cars or units. This disclosure describes a converter and on-board battery energy storage system to supply the rail vehicle, such as a railway shunting vehicle (i.e. a...
    IPCOM000260869D | 2019-Dec-30
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    The synthetic scheme provides Amsacrine having desired purity, in good yield wherein the hydrogenation reaction is cleaner, faster and convenient for industrial scale operation. Also, 9-acridone (VIII) is advantageously prepared using sulfuric acid and acetone
    IPCOM000260868D | 2019-Dec-30
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    Eribulin mesylate (1) is prepared by many methods which utilizes different protecting groups for the protection of functional groups in the three key intermediates.Disclosed is a method which utilizes silyl protecting groups such as trimethylsilyl (TMS), tert-butyldiphenylsilyl (TBDPS), tert-butyldimethylsilyl...
    IPCOM000260867D | 2019-Dec-30