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    Complicated process such as limestone softening, high efficiency RO, Evaporation and Crystallization as individual or combined processes are needed to reuse high temperature (45-90 C) tough to treat industrial wastewater (e.g., Sour water stripper bottom (SWSB), produced water, refinery waste water, condensate, waste...
    IPCOM000261122D | 2020-Jan-31
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    IPCOM000261119D | 2020-Jan-31
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    The present disclosure proposes an effective detection assembly of the door open condition of the incubator using a magnet and a hall sensor. The hall sensor positioned on the incubator area detects the opening condition of the door through the magnet which is placed on the door. The proposed assembly effectively...
    IPCOM000261118D | 2020-Jan-31
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    The present disclosure proposes use of magnets of same polarity for incubator doors and side portions to reduce the impact and noise created when the doors fall freely on the incubator once they are opened. The doors are fixed with permanent magnets or electromagnets. The side portions of the incubator where the doors...
    IPCOM000261117D | 2020-Jan-31
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    The present invention relates to a method for capturing the metal impurities on the dirty side of liquid filter element by over molding a magnetic disc in the end cap of liquid filter element. The over molded magnetic disc in liquid filter element helps in capturing the metallic impurities at the dirty side and thus...
    IPCOM000261116D | 2020-Jan-31
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    IPCOM000261115D | 2020-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000261114D | 2020-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000261113D | 2020-Jan-30
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    This document describes GREASE (Generate Random Extensions And Sustain Extensibility), a mechanism to prevent extensibility failures in the TLS ecosystem. It reserves a set of TLS protocol values that may be advertised to ensure peers correctly handle unknown values.
    IPCOM000261112D | Original Publication Date: 2020-Jan-01
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    Background: Wixela® Inhub® was developed to offer an alternative generic option to Advair® Diskus® (fluticasone propionate [FP]/salmeterol fixed-dose combination). This study assessedthe local (lung) therapeutic equivalence of both FP and salmeterol of Wixela Inhub (test [T]) to Advair Diskus (reference [R]). Methods:...
    IPCOM000261108D | 2020-Jan-29