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    Sphingomonas Ferment Extract (KELCO-CARE™ Diutan Gum) is the extract of the product obtained by the fermentation of Sphingomonas. KELCO-CARE™ Diutan Gum is a natural high molecular weight polysaccharide with a low anionic charge density produced by fermentation of the microorganism, Sphingomonas sp. It is composed by...
    IPCOM000261746D | 2020-Mar-31
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    It’s no longer enough for rheology modifiers to simply perform well—they need to drive more eco-friendly personal care formulations as well. ARBALON™ R-50 cellulose liquid achieves both, producing high-performingformulations with low environmental impact. Derived through fermentation as a reticulated net-like...
    IPCOM000261745D | 2020-Mar-31
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    Proposed herein is a system that conducts pre-release device testing by connecting a USB interface of the DUT to an intermediate device that exposes the USB interface to a host device over TCP/IP.
    IPCOM000261744D | 2020-Mar-31
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    Procédé de fabrication d’une boite de montre, d’un bracelet à maillons, d’un fermoir/boucle de montre, d’un cadran ou de divers composants en bronze exempt ou quasi exempt de plomb. Le procédé consiste à provisionner des pièces anciennes et/ou rebutées en bronze contenant du plomb et à réaliser une étape de recyclage...
    IPCOM000261743D | 2020-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000261742D | 2020-Mar-31
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    A solution for tracking one or more lost devices using the device’s WLAN WiFi capabilities.
    IPCOM000261741D | 2020-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000261740D | 2020-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000261739D | 2020-Mar-31
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    A filter monitoring system for monitoring the condition of a filter comprises a differential pressure sensor. A first pressure port of the differential pressure sensor is connected in a fluid-tight manner to the downstream side of the filter. A second pressure port of the differential pressure sensor is arranged...
    IPCOM000261738D | 2020-Mar-31
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    IPCOM000261737D | 2020-Mar-31