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    Proposed herein is a face shield with built-in electronic components so that the face shield can protect the wearer’s face and respiratory system without impeding the speech, visibility, or accurate temperature monitoring.
    IPCOM000262429D | 2020-May-29
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    IPCOM000262428D | 2020-May-29
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    IPCOM000262427D | 2020-May-29
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    An inductive position sensor for measuring rotational or linear position, using a moving target containing a matrix of conductive dots, blocking all influence of metals behind the moving target.
    IPCOM000262426D | 2020-May-29
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    IPCOM000262425D | 2020-May-29
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    Problem: Projecting relevant objects of the real world in the virtual world by generating an equivalent digital model of the real-world object at the perceived corresponding location in the virtual environment.Background: There can be occasions when a user is immersed in a virtual environment while there are...
    IPCOM000262424D | 2020-May-28
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    IPCOM000262423D | 2020-May-28
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    The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for auto-configuring endpoints of coherent modems, such as for the highest and/or best capacity. Specifically, the present disclosure provides a self-contained solution within Network Element (NE) software for auto-configuration of endpoints with predefined...
    IPCOM000262422D | 2020-May-28
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    The present disclosure relates to Routing and Spectrum Assignment (RSA) based on probabilistic spectrum availability. The proposed RSA process is optimized for real-world deployment requirements where channels are added to a network sequentially or in batches, and individually routed (single NMC per media-channel)...
    IPCOM000262421D | 2020-May-28
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    The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for preemption in Layer 0 (L0, optical) Control Plane (CP) networks based on priority. Specifically, the present disclosure includes preemption of existing low priority Subnetwork Connections (SNCs) in L0 CP networks so the corresponding resources can be freed and...
    IPCOM000262420D | 2020-May-28